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This Week’s Best Reads – 08/03/18

Aug 3, 2018 | Fifteen on Friday

This week’s highlights:  Mr. Rogers, Lance Armstrong and the Death of Value


Fifteen on Friday – 08/03/18 – Issue 295

Happy Friday Everyone,

A few more podcast episodes interspersed this week – but enjoyed listening to a few gems this week and wanted to share.  Enjoy your weekend.

All the best,


Food for Thought:

  1. Vox – Mr. Rogers was my actual neighbor. He was everything he was on TV and more.  What it was like growing up in the real Mr. Rogers’s neighborhood
  2. NYT – ‘It Can Happen Even to Guys’: Ohio State Wrestlers Detail Abuse, Saying #UsToo
  3. VanityFair – How a Sneaky Furniture Expert Ripped Off the Rich and Tricked Versailles  Bill G. B. Pallot wrote the book on 18th-century French furniture and passed his knowledge on to his student Charles Hooreman. But when Hooreman, an antiques dealer, noticed a few discrepancies in benches headed for Versailles, he suspected his former professor and decided to intervene.
  4. WSJ – Masculine Dads Raise Confident Daughters – This is probably behind the WSJ’s paywall, but it’s a great piece.  “My father never let me get away with self-pity. Never allowed me to win an argument with tears.”
  5. VF – “We Didn’t Expect to Make Money” How The Daily’s Michael Barbaro Became the Ira Glass of the NYT  He’s the star of the Times’s most promising new-media franchise. But will his success eventually carry him away from 620 Eighth Avenue?


  1. InvestLiketheBest – Value is Dead, Long Live Value, with Modest Proposal
  2. Wired – Facebook Just Learned The True Cost Of Fixing Its Problems
  3. Forbes – An Unlikely Group Of Billionaires And Politicians Has Created The Most Unbelievable Tax Break Ever
  4. Sumzero – Interview with CT Fitzpatrick of Vulcan Value Partners
  5. a16z – On Mentors and Mentees Everyone talks about the importance of mentorship in our professional development, whether it’s networking to broaden career opportunities or learning from someone more experienced. But how does one break into an industry without established contacts or prior exposure? Are things different if mentors/mentees come from different backgrounds? If you’re already more established in your career, how can you help up-and-comers… and actually, how could mentees help mentors, too?


  1. TheAtlantic – It’s Tough Being a Right Whale These Days – Credit TP – Life can be awful for giants of the deep—but does it have to be?
  2. Freakonomics Radio – Has Lance Armstrong Finally Come Clean?  He was once the most lionized athlete on the planet, with seven straight Tour de France wins and a victory over cancer too. Then the doping charges caught up with him. When he finally confessed to Oprah, he admits, “it didn’t go well at all.” That’s because he wasn’t actually contrite yet. Now, five years later, he says he is. Do you believe him?
  3. NYT – When We Eat, or Don’t Eat, May Be Critical for Health – Credit CW – A growing body of research suggests that our bodies function optimally when we align our eating patterns with our circadian rhythms.
  4. Curbed – Don’t ban scooters. Redesign streets.  Cities are regulating mobility startups, but ignoring the real problem—there’s still too much space for cars
  5. VF – Sex and the City and the Slow Death of the Romantic Comedy.  The brilliantly superficial HBO series ended romance as we know it. Which is fine.


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