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David C. Wells Jr

David has loved strategy and using strategic insights to drive organizations forward for as long as he can remember.  He founded his first company at age 17 helping businesses with technology. During college, he continued consulting with several businesses, and even had the chance to work with The Globe Theatre in London to design an educational program. He started his career after college at Accenture (Anderson Consulting) working with multi-national financial services clients.

To further pursue his love of strategy, David moved to the world of investment research when he relocated to Nashville in the fall of 2006. Over the following almost 15 years on both the buy and sell-side, David has analyzed hundreds of companies across a broad range of industries.  He now runs Family Capital Strategy, a strategy consultancy for family offices and family businesses based in Nashville, TN.

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3 Circles, 4 Rooms and 5 Capitals – Make Your Family Business Comprehensible

Because of all the constituents in a family business, there are often times so many dimensions at play in any matter that dissecting what is actually occurring is incredibly challenging. Instead, models like the Three Circles, Four Rooms and Five Capitals arm us with a set of lens by which one can interpret the circumstances presented.