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The Week’s Top Articles – 03/10/17 Edition

Mar 10, 2017 | Fifteen on Friday

This week’s highlights: The Death of Blackberry, Adulting School, and the Challenge of Staying Rich.


Food for Thought:

  1. QZ – “Adulting school” can’t short-cut the hard, self-taught work of growing up
  2. BI – A $2.5 trillion asset manager just put a statue of a defiant girl in front of the Wall Street bull.  The world’s third-largest asset manager installed a bronze statue of a defiant girl in front of Wall Street’s iconic charging bull statue on Tuesday morning as part of its new campaign to pressure companies to add more women to their boards.
  3. FEE – Delta Paid for Its Own Security Upgrade and Fixed Everything – Credit DH – What a refreshing dose of common sense from an airline of all places.
  4. NYT – Why We Can’t Look Away From Our Screens
  5. WSJ – The Secret to Getting Your Teen to Talk.  Parents and children share a journal to discuss personal topics and solve problems.


  1. WIC – How to Think About Investing #1 – Setting the Stage.   We are beginning a series of short posts about how best to think about investing. This is of great importance, as the data is quite conclusive that the average investor has abysmally under-performed vs. the broader market indices.
  2. CF – Getting Rich vs. Staying Rich  Getting rich can be the biggest impediment to staying rich.
  3. Bloomberg – Top-Rated Credit Is Poised to Fall – Credit JC
  4. WSJ – New Force on Wall Street: The ‘Family Office’.  Clans with nine-figure fortunes are increasingly investing through unregulated firms known as family offices, impinging on the business of investment banking and private equity.
  5. ReCode – The BlackBerry’s fall to 0.0 percent market share.  A decade after the iPhone launched, the BlackBerry platform is all but dead.


  1. GQ – Buried Alive: Stories From Inside Solitary Confinement.  It is brutal. It is torture by definition. It destroys the mind, body, and soul, making rehabilitation next to impossible. It is also outrageously expensive, and it doesn’t work. Yet at the end of the Obama era, and the dawn of Trump’s, isolation is as widely used as ever in the American penal system. And this is what it feels like.
  2. BA – A History of Meatloaf, Long May It Reign
  3. Vodien – 100 Websites that Rule the Internet
  4. BizWeek – Why You Should Love America’s Worst Airport. Those who hate New York’s LaGuardia don’t appreciate its one big advantage.
  5. FNT – This foam stops bullets cold and pulverizes them to dust


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