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The Week’s Best Articles – 07/07/17 Edition

Jul 7, 2017 | Fifteen on Friday

This week’s highlights: Micro-aggressions, “Accessible Luxury,” and the cost of a good bottle of wine.


Issue 243

We published our Q2’17 market commentary this week entitled “Resilience at its Finest“.  If you want a quick, four page take on what is going in the financial markets currently, I would encourage you to take a look.

“The market’s resilience has been despite mixed economic indicators, international terrorist attacks, an evolving Middle East stand-off, North Korean missile launches, and a stalled legislative agenda the market pegged as pro-growth heading into the year.  Muted volatility has been tough to reconcile in light of the news flow.  In this Market Commentary, we’ll discuss some of today’s more pertinent market dynamics influencing returns, volatility, valuations, and investor sentiment.”

Food for Thought:

  1. NYT – Chef Sean Brock Puts Down the Bourbon and Begins a New Quest
  2. Vestoj – Will I Get A Ticket?  The long-time editor of British Vogue calls the fashion industry to account – “Truth be told, I haven’t read Vogue in years. Maybe I was too close to it after working there for so long, but I never felt I led a Vogue-y kind of life. The clothes are just irrelevant for most people – so ridiculously expensive”
  3. Aeon – Microaggressions?  Prejudice remains a huge social evil but evidence for harm caused by micro-aggression is incoherent, unscientific and weak
  4. Telegraph – Why exercising on an empty stomach is the secret to weight loss
  5. TPT – Nashville by Pekka Rinne – The Predator’s goalie reflects on the Stanley Cup, what it meant to him, the team and the City.


  1. NYT – The Amazon-Walmart Showdown That Explains the Modern Economy
  2. JZ – A (long) chat with Peter L Bernstein
  3. NYT – Take Naps at Work. Apologize to No One.
  4. Racked – The Perennially Difficult Paradox of Accessible Luxury  Brands like Michael Kors and Coach have long ridden a delicate line — is it sustainable?
  5. Brandes – Passive Investing: Another Financial Bubble? – Credit SF


  1. Vivino – How much does a good bottle of wine cost?  As the world’s largest online wine marketplace and source of wine ratings, we know a good wine deal.
  2. NYP – Researcher may have found a cure for diabetes
  3. BH – Umberto Eco: The Productivity Patterns of a Polymath
  4. Bloomberg – Where the World’s Wealthiest Spend Their Weekends  If a city has money, it has a Hamptons equivalent.
  5. The Rake – What Does Classic Style Mean Today?  Alexander Kraft, the CEO of Sotheby’s International Realty France-Monaco, divulges on what classic style means to him.


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