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My New Book – The Family Enterprise Playbook

Nov 29, 2023 | Book Recommendations, Reflections

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The Family Enterprise Playbook: A Framework for Action

How Do You Build a Family Enterprise?

How do you know if you are successful in doing so?

I have wrestled with these 2 questions for the last 2 years, since publishing my first book.   Over that time, from working with families directly and talking with countless others, I consistently heard a sense of confusion, uncertainty, and occasional dread.  

More and more families like the idea of building an enduring family.  But where to start and what to do?  What’s the next step for where the family is today – not where it will be in 100 years?

This book outlines a simple framework that will help you understand the task ahead of you. Using this framework, you will be well equipped to setup a “family enterprise,” a group of entities and activities that support the family into the future.

Moreover, it is action oriented and designed to be read in about an hour. 

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