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My Favorite Reads of 2020

Dec 2, 2020 | Book Recommendations

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It’s officially December and the rush is on for holiday shopping. This time of year, I typically get a few requests for book recommendations for Christmas list making or stocking stuffers. In light of that, I thought I would compile a list of the favorite books I read in 2020.

I began the year with a goal to read less, but longer – a goal I outlined in this post Why We’re Reading Less in 2020. Namely, I had identified 12 books that had always been on my to read list, but have never risen to the top.

So how’d I do?

Short answer – not great. I started 7 of 12, and ultimately finished 5. The two I started but did not finish were lengthy biographies. I read about 250 pages of each and got tired. While I can appreciate the long biography, 700+ pages about a single person can be taxing…Five of the books I was not interested in reading yet – so they sit on the shelf awaiting the right time. In all, I have read ~34 books this year.

Below are the top 5 and then the rest grouped by genre. (Disclaimer – These are Amazon Affiliate links and pay a small commission if you choose to order). You can view my all-time best books list here


Business & Investing


Fiction – Disclaimer – I do not typically read a lot of fiction, but we had a few long road trips and I was looking for some beach reads as well

Faith / Personal Development / Contemplation


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