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9/09/2022 – Issue 483

Sep 9, 2022 | Fifteen on Friday

This week’s highlights:  Prepping for the apocalypse, Sheep and the end of abundance

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Happy Friday everyone –

A momentous week with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.  As I told my wife last night, she may not have been my queen, but I have an imminent amount of respect and admiration for her dedicated service to her country.   

I thought the Tweet below from a friend well stated my sentiments. “When a sovereign is virtuous & rules as a servant of the people, a source of comfort & hope, there is no greater system of government & no greater witness to the true King who lives & reigns forever. For this reason, I love Queen Elizabeth II. Well done. Rest in peace & glory” (Pastor @Derekradney)

Original Content This Week:



Food for Thought

Business and Markets

  • TheMarket – The Period of Abundance Is Over. Jeffrey Gundlach, CEO of DoubleLine, worries that the Federal Reserve is overreacting in the fight against inflation. He expects a severe slowdown of the economy and says how investors can navigate today’s challenging market environment. A conversation with the Bond King.
  • TheAtlantic – Yeti Coolers Are Luxury Goods for Bros
  • InvestLikeTheBest – The Business of Gaming. Mitch Lasky is a partner at Benchmark. We cover the most important features of the modern gaming business model, how platforms like Twitch and Discord have re-shaped the industry, and what to look for when investing in gaming businesses.

Science, Technology, and Culture

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Growing financial wealth is a natural occurrence on the path to success. While this should make life easier, that is not always the case. With greater wealth, comes great opportunity and an overwhelming number of choices to make.

When Anything is Possible is the guidebook about how to engage strategically with wealth. It will help you change your wealth from something overwhelming and all-consuming towards a resource to be deployed to help you positively impact the things that you value most.

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