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Issue 408 – 01/08/2021

Jan 8, 2021 | Fifteen on Friday

This week’s highlights: Dinner with Le Carre, SPAC Magic, Talking Out Loud

Issue 408

by David Wells – Nashville TN

Happy New Year –

I had high hopes that this first issue of Fifteen on Friday would open on a more upbeat note with the passage of the holidays.  Certainly that is not the case.  First here in Nashville was the bombing on Christmas morning.  Then there are the events that transpired this week at the US Capitol.  While politics is not a sphere I spend much time on, as someone educated in the classical tradition, I have a deep seated respect and reverence for the august institutions of our American democracy. 

Seeing the images of the shirtless, fur and horned-hat wearing rioter desecrating the seat of democracy called to mind Antiochus Epiphanes IV’s desecration of the Jewish temple in 168 BC by sacrificing an pig on the Jewish alter.  While I do not want to equivocate secular and religious institutions, both moments share a fundamental break from the past.  This is further exacerbated by reports surfacing today of feces and urine being left behind in the Capitol. 

As Wednesday closed, I found myself heartbroken as I attempted to explain to my 10 year old son that this is not the norm of our democratic experiment.  God have mercy on us as we attempt to move forward together as a people.

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