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Issue 405 – 12/11/2020

Dec 11, 2020 | Fifteen on Friday

This week’s highlights: Induction stoves, Alinea, and Protein Folding

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Issue 405

by David Wells – Nashville TN

Happy Friday –

Hope you have a great weekend.  A little holiday levity – Youtube – SNL – The Christmas Conversation – What happens when you tell your mother that because of COVID you aren’t coming home for Christmas?

Original Content This Week –

Upcoming Webinar – 12/18

How Do You Move Forward After 2020?
Where Does Your Wealth Fit in Your New Normal?

  • No one has been left unaffected by 2020 – a year in which a decade happened.
  • The time at home has prompted an intense period of reflection about life and the course ahead.  Relationships have begun or ended.  Geographies changed. Houses bought and sold.  How should you be thinking about how your wealth intersects with such major life changes?
  • Hint – it has little to do with buying or selling specific investments – and a lot more to do with being intentional and strategic.

Join us on 12/18 at 12:30 ET for a 30 minute discussion – Learn more here



Food for Thought


  • ILTB – Nick Kokonas – Know What You Are Selling – This interview was fantastic! – “Nick Kokonas, the co-founder of the 3 of the best restaurants and bars in America – Alinea, Next, and The Aviary as well as the co-founder and CEO of Tock, a comprehensive booking system for restaurants.  Nick is a philosophy major turned derivatives trader that is now one of the most well-known names in the restaurant and hospitality industry.”
  • GMO – Value: If Not Now, When?
  • Fortune – How Jane Fraser broke banking’s highest glass ceiling  The incoming Citi CEO will be the first woman to lead one of Wall Street’s biggest banks.
  • Esquire – The $2 Billion Mall Rats  The inside story of a black sheep hedge fund, their massive bet that shopping malls would crash, and how they proved Wall Street wrong

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My Forthcoming Book:

When Anything is Possible – Wealth and the Art of Strategic Living, on January 12, 2021.

However wealth arrives – whether made or inherited, it can be a disorienting and worrying experience. When Anything is Possible is meant to be a guidebook about how to engage thoughtfully and strategically with wealth.  Doing so requires a person to articulate 3 key items –  Wealth Structure, Wealth Identity and ultimately a Wealth Strategy.  The book walks through each of these items in great depth, and guides the reader through a process to develop each.

If you are interested in learning more, visit here and download a free chapter.


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