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Issue 400 – 11/06/2020

Nov 6, 2020 | Fifteen on Friday

This week’s highlights: The Lion King, Mastercard, and Swans

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Issue 400

by David Wells – Nashville TN

Still counting…

Fifteen on Friday is a bit sparse this week – my bad – I’ve spent way too much time following this election.

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Culture / Tech / Science

  • NYT – Florida City’s Beloved Swans Find New Homes  Lakeland, FL held a lottery to sell some of its 86 swans, which have thrived since Queen Elizabeth donated a pair in 1957.
  • TheRace – 10 Toughest challenges going from Sim to Real racing  One Year ago Jame Baldwin won ‘The World’s Fastest Gamer’ competition and a contract to race for Jenson Button’s Race Team, Jenson Team Rocket RJN in the British GT Championship. He goes into the final race at Silverstone with a chance to win the championship. Here he tells us the 10 toughest aspects of real racing he’s faced since moving from the virtual tracks to reality.

My Forthcoming Book:

When Anything is Possible – Wealth and the Art of Strategic Living, on January 12, 2021.

However wealth arrives – whether made or inherited, it can be a disorienting and worrying experience. When Anything is Possible is meant to be a guidebook about how to engage thoughtfully and strategically with wealth.  Doing so requires a person to articulate 3 key items –  Wealth Structure, Wealth Identity and ultimately a Wealth Strategy.  The book walks through each of these items in great depth, and guides the reader through a process to develop each.

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