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Issue 391 – 08/28/2020

Aug 28, 2020 | Fifteen on Friday

This week’s highlights: Uruguay, Hedge Fund Fees, and Roman Emperors

Issue 391

by David Wells – Nashville TN

Happy Friday –

I shared the thoughts below earlier this week in an update email from my company.  I thought it made sense to reprint them here:

More of the Same

There is a meme making the rounds on social media where people post a selfie for each month of 2020.  Each picture is supposed to best represent the month.  The common thread among them, celebrities and everyday Joe’s alike, is that June/July/August pictures are all the same.  Earlier in the summer, we spoke briefly of the fatigue from everything that happened in March/April/May.  Yet where we stand today at the end of August, I think we can all agree that each day feels more and more like Groundhog day.

Theologian David Gibson in his reflections on Ecclesiastes, that Old Testament book of wisdom, summarized it well “We long for change in a world of permanent repetition, and we dream of how to interrupt it.”  What to do?  Gibson suggests that we are to “stop thinking that meaning and happiness and satisfaction reside in novelty.”

As we stare down the remainder of 2020 and months ahead that may look just as similar to the ones behind, it feels like a good word to not look for escape, but instead to see the gifts that may be embedded in current circumstances difficult to do as that may be.

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