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Issue 386 – 07/17/2020

Jul 24, 2020 | Fifteen on Friday

This week’s highlights: Office Culture, Coaching, and Suitcases

A face only a mother could love…

Issue 386

by David Wells – Nashville TN

Greetings –

It has been a sad week as our our beloved pug, Holly, passed away on Wednesday from cancer.  It was graciously, though surprisingly, a rapid decline over the last few weeks. As someone who didn’t grow up with dogs, Holly was a first.  Not having been a dog person previously, it has been eye-opening to reflect on our past almost 11 years with her.  In that, I am struck by a comment that author Paul David Tripp made when he said that “life progresses not in three or four huge moments, but in ten thousand little moments of change…we all live our lives in the utterly mundane.” 

While our loss is still fresh, what is becoming quickly clear is that the great gift that a pet brings is companionship in that mundanity.  Who knew one could derive enjoyment from a small heel-side presence while washing the dishes, bringing in the groceries, etc. etc. 

Best for your weekend,



Food for Thought


  1. II – The Most Overlooked Career Hack  What coaching costs, how it works, and who’s getting it in asset management.
  2. NYT – Tech Is About Power. And These Four Moguls Have Too Much of It.  A congressional hearing on Monday should address this imbalance.
  3. Zero Hedge – Goldman Spots A Historic Inversion In The Market  Since then, options trading by retail investors has exploded and according to a follow up from Goldman, which has spotted an unprecedented market inversion, for the first time ever, the volume of option trades surpassed that of ordinary shares! Translation: the derivative is now more liquid and popular than the actual underlying.
  4. BusinessWeek – Private Equity’s Biggest Critic Sounds Off With His Final Warning  University of Oxford’s Ludovic Phalippou contends the high-fee industry doesn’t outperform publicly traded stocks.


  1. Afar – Please Don’t Put Your Suitcase on the Bed, Ever  The real reason there’s a luggage rack in your hotel room.
  2. Engadget – Watch the drifting power of Ford’s 1,400 horsepower Mustang Mach-E
  3. HBR – 3 Things Virtual Meetings Offer That In-Person Ones Don’t


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