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Issue 385 – 07/17/2020

Jul 17, 2020 | Fifteen on Friday

This week’s highlights: Ultraviolet lithography, TikTok, and the Ford Bronco’s Return

Issue 385

by David Wells – Nashville TN

Greetings –

FoF went on the road for the last week to offer our kids a socially-distanced change of scenery – more palm trees and lizards, less of the backyard.  Same face masks and hand sanitizer…

Just a quick note of gratitude – this past week I was named part of Nashville Post’s 2020 All-Star Board, recognizing service on Boards of Directors. It was a tremendous honor to be included on the list.  The Post was quick to highlight Fifteen on Friday in its blurb on me, so I wanted to express gratitude to you, the reader, for your support of this newsletter. 

Best for your weekend,


Food for Thought


  1. Stratechery – The TikTok War  Over the last week, as the idea of banning TikTok in the U.S. has shifted from a fringe idea to a seeming inevitability (thanks in no small part to India’s decision to do just that), those opposed to the idea and those in support seem to be talking past each other.
  2. GMO – Why We Are Not Worried About Elevated Profit Margins
  3. TBP – Interview with Bill Miller
  4. BCG – Meetings and Email Are Here to Stay, So Make the Most of Them


  1. TheRinger – “Hot Route! Red Seven!!”: How the ‘Wedding Crashers’ Football Scene Came Together – Credit CM – The movie’s touch football game is emblematic of everything great about ‘Wedding Crashers,’ from Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s bromance to nuanced storytelling
  2. Outside – To Delay Death, Lift Weights  Two studies remind us of what we already know (but sometimes forget).
  3. BusinessWeek – The Bronco Is Back, Thanks to a Group of Obsessed Ford Employees  The SUV that O.J. made famous is finally getting a makeover.
  4. NYT – How Ultra-Black Fish Disappear in the Deepest Seas


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