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Issue 373 – 04/17/2020

Apr 17, 2020 | Fifteen on Friday

Future of Higher Ed, Private Equity’s Reckoning, Brain Tingling

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Anyone else been watching eggs hatch while at home?

Issue 373

by David Wells – Nashville TN

From the Editor

“There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.”
– Lenin (not John)

Stages 4 and 5 – Depression and Acceptance

Simultaneously this week, I have heard stories of folks struggling with the reality of “stay at home.”  I have also spoken with, read, and dare I say thought myself, that there is much of this new life that has become enjoyable.  From newly fit dogs getting more exercise than they’ve had in years to kids / families spending more time together, life has become simpler and quieter – a blessing in itself.  All this occurring against the backdrop of a Tennessee spring – lush with green punctuated by the bold colors of each week’s new blooms.

Content I wrote this week –

The Path of Family Wealth – Part 1

Today, we continue our series looking at the challenges of a family compounding its wealth over time.  In our first piece, “How Fast Must a Family’s Assets Grow?“  we looked at the significant headwinds facing families – from the growth of the family itself, to distributions, fees and taxes. 

Our next two pieces considered spending and its corollary, distribution rate, as the primary lever over which a family can control.  Yet the reality is that distribution rate alone is unlikely to be adequate in helping the family’s wealth to grow fast enough over time. 

In order to hit their long-term return targets, families must architect a unique investment approach. Otherwise, the wealth just dwindles away as the family grows and the wealth gets divided. In fairly short order, without additional replenishment, a sizable fortune can be reduced.

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Food for Thought


  1. II – The Day of Reckoning for Private Equity  This crisis is likely to mark the apex of private equity – irrespective of how the drama around accessing government loans plays out.
  2. CapAllocators – Interview with Eric Peters of One River Capital
  3. TheAtlantic – The Supermarket After the Pandemic  The coronavirus will change grocery stores, and probably not for the better.
  4. DcGross – Wealth Tips for Founders  Overbearing frugality prevented me from spending any money, which creates inefficiencies. Spend like a king on speed, like a pauper on everything else.


  1. WashPo – Why more men should see walking as a perfect form of exercise
  2. Scientific American – Why Is My Brain Tingling?  The neuroscience of “autonomous sensory meridian response.”
  3. PermanentStyle – Don your highborn cloak: Ralph Lauren, saviour?  “Reinvigorating the public’s interest, he ended up democratising it more profoundly than any of his peers – and maybe more than anyone in modern history.”
  4. Mel – Inside the World of Hot Wheels Rally Car Racing – Apparently this is a thing?


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