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Issue 369 – 03/20/2020

Mar 20, 2020 | Fifteen on Friday

The Rise of the Curator, Warby Parker Clones, and James Bond

Needed levity

Issue 369

by David Wells – Nashville TN

From the Editor
We’re all introverts now…

As of today, 20% of the US population is “sheltering at home” under governmental order.  Huge numbers are voluntarily acting in a similar way.  Of course, there are the beach bros still trying to get their party on in Florida – but it seems like that is hopefully ending.  

It is tough to be still in moments like this.  Whether ill personally or not, our hearts and minds are heavy with concern over those who are battling the virus.  We think of those doctors, nurses, grocery store workers and the like who are serving the rest of us and to whom we owe a real debt of gratitude at the least.  And of course, all those whose jobs have been lost or are close to being gone.  Lest we not forgot, those in political leadership locally and nationally who are making decisions of real consequence who need our thoughts and prayers.

Personally, I have drawn much joy in recent days through small glimpses of beauty in the arts which reminds us of how much more there is to life than our present circumstances.  Consider this amazing profile of Alma Deutscher, a 15 year old composing prodigy (see her Siren Sounds Waltz at Carnegie Hall) who has said that she wishes to write “music that comes out of the heart and speaks directly to the heart.”  Or this beautiful poem entitled Pandemic – thanks to the team at 21/64 for highlighting it. 

Last week’s Fifteen was heavily focused on the pandemic – this week, we’re returning to a more normal run-down.  Goodness knows we all need something interesting to read…

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