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Issue 354 – 11/15/19

Nov 15, 2019 | Fifteen on Friday

This week’s highlights: Boomers move to the city, Urban autos, and NHL Dentists

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Issue 354

by David Wells – Nashville TN
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Food for Thought:

Top Read of the Week:  Curbed – Why boomers, not millennials, are fueling the urban apartment surge

Why It Matters:  “Wealthy empty nesters looking to downsize are flocking to high-rises; in an aging nation, it’s only the start”

Consider as well:  

  1. Vice – A Eulogy for the Mix CD, the Best Way to Tell Someone ‘I Like You  Mix CDs have been innovated out of existence—but nothing has managed to replace how meaningful it was to make and receive them.
  2. BP – Walking as Creative Fuel.  A splendid 1913 celebration of how solitary walks enliven “the country of the mind.”
  3. TheAtlantic – Six-Figure Price Tags Are Coming to Colleges  The annual cost of attending several selective universities is slated to reach $100,000 within a few years.
  4.  WSJ – He Thought His Phone Was Secure; Then He Lost $24 Million to Hackers  Security researchers agree that for most people, adding text-message authentication is a big step up from only using a password, but that can leave you open to a relatively new attack called SIM swapping.


Top Read of the Week: NYT – Cities Worldwide Are Reimagining Their Relationship With Cars

Why It Matters:  Car minimization was originally about traffic reduction, now the question grows even more complex when considered in the light of curbing emissions.

Consider as well:

  1. Fortune – Spotify Saved the Music Industry. Now What?  Profits are hard to come by—and Apple and Amazon aren’t going away.
  2. TI – Apple Eyes 2022 Release for AR Headset, 2023 for Glasses  At an internal October meeting, Apple executives shared the company’s product roadmap for two augmented reality devices. The stakes for the closely-watched products are sky-high as Apple hunts for the next big tech platform after phones.
  3. NYT – Adam Neumann and the Art of Failing Up  WeWork’s chief risk-taker found a kindred spirit with an open checkbook: SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son. Now he’s walking away from the wreckage with more than $1 billion.
  4. WSJ – Amazon’s Heavy Recruitment of Chinese Sellers Puts Consumers at Risk.  The WSJ continues its investigative journalism of unscrupulous products sold on Amazon.


Top Read of the Week:  ESPN – The ugly, gory, bloody secret life of NHL dentists

Why It Matters:  Not for the squeamish…

Consider as well:

  1. VanityFair – How Mark Zuckerberg Became the Most Reviled Man in Tech  For years, Zuckerberg was perceived in Silicon Valley as a bold and erudite leader who could outmaneuver anyone. Now the tables have turned—but not for the reasons you might think.
  2. TME – Heavy Lift Ship Raises Carnival Vista Out of the Water.  Watch the video of a semi-submersible ship (i.e. it can partially sink) pick up an entire Carnival cruise ship – amazing feat of engineering.
  3. Jalopnik – Inside Pirelli’s Massive Formula One Tire OperationThere are at least 55 people working at the track on any given race weekend: twenty fitters, one engineer assigned to each team for a total of ten, three support engineers, and a bevy of security, communication, marketing, and logistics personnel to keep things moving. Pirelli has to bring 1,800 tires to a race!
  4. WashPo  – Three cows vanished during Hurricane Dorian. Months later, they’ve been found chilling on an island miles from shore.


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