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Ending & Beginning With Purpose

Dec 31, 2021 | Reflections

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Family Capital Strategy helps legacy families create ecosystems where families thrive and future generations flourish

I am grateful to be working with an executive coach at the moment who is pushing me on a number of different fronts, but our work began with considering purpose.  I started Family Capital Strategy 2.5 years ago, with many readers of this website as early supporters.

Over that time period, it has been a learning process to describe the work I am fortunate to partner with families in.  As 2021 draws to its conclusion, clarity has begun to emerge, and is reflected in the opening paragraph of this email.  Ultimately the work I do is about the creative task of building ecosystems where families thrive and future generations flourish.    Ecosystem is such a delightful word because it has a living, organic quality, as well as reflects the systemic interconnectedness of the natural world.  

Families that are attempting to journey through time and space together for a ‘legacy’ period – let’s say at least 100 years, embody their own version and challenges of the dynamic complexity we see elsewhere.  In order to navigate these challenges, families must bring to life shared vision, governance entities, as well as ‘doing’ entities who actually do the work of the family – this doing most often occurs through a “family office.”

Through this, FCS serves as a strategic advisor, “architect,” and “contractor” to partner with families in addressing these critical priorities.  In all, whether in the details working on a specific project or serving on a board thinking strategically, the key is to keep the health of the ecosystem in mind and in balance, for when that is in place – life can emerge and flourish.

Happy New Year,

David C. Wells, Jr.
Founder and CEO
Family Capital Strategy


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