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Family Offices, Not Just Politicians, Face an Urban / Rural Divide

The locales that families build their wealth in are often times closely intertwined with the family’s identity and narrative. Yet like all considerations for a family office, the choice of geography is an important one, and importantly the ‘default’ answer should not be immediately adopted simply because it is the default.

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How Fast Must a Family's Assets Grow?

One of the great challenges families face when allocating capital for the long-term is determining the right level of risk and return.  This is exacerbated further by the fact that many in the family office (FO) world believe that the investment strategies of families...

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The Four Steps to Expertise and Meaningful Contribution

There is a common paradigm for thinking about developing expertise that is built around consciousness and competence. The basic idea is that when we first begin doing something, we are unconsciously incompetent, i.e. we simply do not know how bad we are at doing...

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Why I Read and Why I’m Reading Less in 2020

In case you hadn't guessed already - I really love to read, and as far as I can remember always have. Reading is even listed as its own line item on my resume under 'Personal Interests' followed closely after by golf and travel. I frequently get questions for...

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