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Best Reads This Week – 05/02/19 Edition

May 3, 2019 | Fifteen on Friday

This week’s highlights:  The Michael Milken Project, Mutual Fund Tax Avoidance, and a Core Casual Wardrobe


Fifteen on Friday – Issue 330

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Food for Thought:

Top Read(s) of the Week:  II – The Michael Milken Project

Why It Matters:  How did a 70-year-old ex-con barred for life from Wall Street become one of its most respected men?

Consider as well:

  1. VanityFair – Mark Ronson Is Ready to Make More Hits  As the Grammy and Oscar-winning producer prepares to release his fifth solo record, he reflects on his collaborations with Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, and Bruno Mars, and his own new creative path.
  2. NYT – These Ads Think They Know You  While targeted ads may be familiar by now, how they work — and the power they have — often seems invisible.
  3. Vox – Can anyone tame the next internet?  Forces have been unleashed that seem out of control. But is it the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?
  4. HBR – The Art of Blooming Late  Mozart was a celestial genius, but he struggled like a mere mortal during his teens and early twenties.


Top Read of the Week:  Bloomberg – Vanguard Patented a Way to Avoid Taxes on Mutual Funds

Why It Matters:  What happens when you take an interesting tax feature of ETF’s and bolt it onto a mutual fund structure?

Consider as well:

  1. NYT – The Raisin Situation  One man wanted to change the raisin industry for the better. He got more than he bargained for.
  2. Verge – How Microsoft Learned From The Past To Redesign Its Future
  3. II – Inside Texas’s Exclusive, Bizarre Enclave of Family Offices
  4. Entrepreneur – Chick-fil-A Makes More Per Restaurant Than McDonald’s, Starbucks and Subway Combined … and It’s Closed on Sundays  Why a restaurant that’s closed on Sundays makes more per restaurant than any other fast food restaurant in the country.


Top Read of the Week:  PermanentStyle – Men Need a Core Casual Wardrobe 

Why It Matters:  While normally I wouldn’t say this article is a top-read, over 6 years of curating Fifteen on Friday has taught me one fact – there is a huge demand for articles about how to help men dress better.

Consider as well:

  1. Curbed – Can Notre Dame be rebuilt with 3D printing?  oncr3De explores how to 3D-print the cathedral’s gargoyles from crumbled limestone and ash
  2. Wired – The Science Behind Nike’s New, Even Faster Marathon Shoe
  3. NYT – Horse Deaths Are Threatening the Racing Industry. Is the Sport Obsolete?  A Kentucky family in the horse business for decades says action to address the health of the animals is overdue. The consequences of inaction could be catastrophic.
  4. Donut – Honda Accord – Everything You Need to Know.  This ridiculous and hilarious ten minute video tells you everything you wanted to know about the history one of America’s top sellers.


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