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Best Reads of The Week – 10/26/18 Edition

Oct 26, 2018 | Fifteen on Friday

The highlights:  The Value of Design, Philanthropic Struggles, and Photocopiers.


Fifteen on Friday – 10/26/18 – Issue 306

Happy Friday Everyone,

After a week off for Fall Break, Fifteen on Friday is back to its regular schedule.

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Food for Thought:

  1. TheAtlantic – What I Learned About Life at My 30th College Reunion“Every classmate who became a teacher or doctor seemed happy,” and 29 other lessons from seeing my Harvard class of 1988 all grown up
  2. BBC – China’s hidden camps  What’s happened to the vanished Uighurs of Xinjiang?
  3. VF –  Inside The Top-Secret Israeli Anti-Terrorism Operation That’S Changing The Game. Governments around the world are quietly turning to YAMAM, Israel’s special police force, for help with their most intractable security problems. And now, elite commandos publicly reveal the tactics that have made it one of the most fearsome counterterrorism units in the world.
  4. LA Times – So many people have had their DNA sequenced that they’ve put other people’s privacy in jeopardy
  5. NYT – Verbatim: What Is a Photocopier? – Credit TR – In a deposition in Ohio, a lawyer became embroiled in an absurd argument about the definition of a photocopier.


  1. McKinsey&Co – The business value of design  How do the best design performers increase their revenues and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of their industry counterparts?
  2. CFAI – Tips for Aspiring Portfolio Managers
  3. TheWeek – How Best Buy survived the retail apocalypse
  4. Bloomberg – Tearing Apart Teslas to Find Elon Musk’s Best and Worst Decisions  A look inside reveals why the Model 3 risks missing out on big profits.
  5. MF – Third Point’s Campbells Video: Empty the Can – This is a first, an activist investor with a Youtube spot to highlight their case.


  1. TheAtlantic – Paul Allen Shows It’s Hard to Give Away $10 Billion  – Credit TP – The Microsoft co-founder was one of the most prolific philanthropists in the world—but he still died with $20 billion.
  2. Vox – West Elm won over millennials. But now it’s really pissing them off.  Angry customers are flooding the brand’s social media with complaints about shoddy sofas, late delivery, and rude service.
  3. MH – CrossFit’s Greg Glassman Disrupted Fitness. Next, He’s Taking on Healthcare.  Can CrossFit fix the healthcare industrial complex? Glassman thinks so.
  4. AOM – Movies Every Millennial Dad Should Introduce to His Kids
  5. MIT – Want to know when you’re going to die?  Your life span is written in your DNA, and we’re learning to read the code.


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