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Best Articles of the Week – 06/22/18

Jun 22, 2018 | Fifteen on Friday

This week’s highlights:  The Death of NYC?, How CEOs actually spend their time, and a fix for climate change.


Fifteen on Friday – 06/22/18 – Issue 290


Food for Thought:

  1. Harpers – The Death of a Once Great City Credit WES – The fall of New York and the urban crisis of affluence
  2. TheAtlantic – What Petty Nextdoor Posts Reveal About America. For JP – The hyperlocal social-media platform highlights small grievances—and proves that neighbors have more in common than they think.
  3. VF –  This Is the Netflix Exec to Thank for Your Wild Wild Country BingeLisa Nishimura, the streaming giant’s head of documentary and comedy programming, is changing the way filmmakers and viewers approach nonfiction TV.
  4. NYP – These Harvard kids got the lesson of their lives in the Heartland
  5. Inc – This 95-Year Stanford Study Reveals 1 Secret to Living a Longer, More Fulfilling Life – This decades-long study shows that living an easy, stress-free life won’t make you happier — and definitely won’t help you live longer.


  1. HBR – How CEOs Manage Time –  Chief executives have tremendous resources at their disposal, but they face an acute scarcity in one critical area: time. Drawing on an in-depth 12-year study, this package examines the unique time management challenges of CEOs and the best strategies for conquering them.
  2. Jalopnik – Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Expect A Bargain On A Pre-Owned Sedan
  3. Economist – How e-commerce with drone delivery is taking flight in China. Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com is investing in drones to bring online shopping to a 600m-strong rural population
  4. II – You Make $1 Billion. You Flee to Florida. Then the Tax Man KnocksFinanciers are gravitating to low-tax locales. Now authorities are fighting back.
  5. Bloomberg – Henry Kravis Q&A: ‘Worry About What You Might Lose on the Downside’ – Credit DH –


  1. VF – “Threats,” “Ultimatums,” and “Espionage”: Inside Silicon Valley’s Spy Wars.  Foreign agents have been stealing tech companies’ secrets since the 70s. But now, in the wake of Facebook’s public crisis, the biggest companies in the world are coping with the challenge on an unprecedented level.
  2. NYMag – Climate Change Can Be Stopped by Turning Air Into Gasoline.  A Harvard professor says his company should be able to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, at industrial scales, by 2021.
  3. BecMin – How to Handle Sentimental Clutter
  4. NYT – Firefox Is Back. It’s Time to Give It a Try.
  5. NYMag – I Stop Celebrities From Blowing Their Money


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