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2021 Family Office Conference Master Calendar

Jan 14, 2021 | Family Wealth

Easily printable version here

The conference calendar for families and family offices is already starting to fill up for 2021. A number of events are still being held virtually, but heading into the second half of 20211, a number look to be back in person. Below is a list of notable events currently scheduled. You can also find an easily printable pdf version here.

Jan 26th – 28th – Family Office Exchange – Private Trust Company WorkshopVirtual

Feb 24 – 25 – Family Office Exchange – Rising Gen Leadership ProgramVirtual

Mar 9 – 11 – Campden Wealth – Family Office MeetingVirtual

Mar 23rd – 25th – Family Business Magazine – Transitions SpringVirtual

Mar 23rd – 24th – Opal Group – Family Office Winter Forum  – Virtual

May 11 – 13 – Institute for Private Investors – Spring ForumVirtual

June 8 – 10 – Campden Wealth – Family Investment and Alternatives Meeting

Sept 21 – 22 – Institute for Private Investors – Fall Forum

Sept. TBD – South Eastern Family Office Forum

Sept. TBD   – Family Office Exchange – Trustees and Beneficiaries Workshop

Sept. TBD – The Gathering

Nov. – Gleneagles Family Conference Invite Only

Dec 6 – 8 – Institute for Private Investors – End of Year Forum


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