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Lessons from 10 Years of Publishing a Newsletter

Apr 22, 2022 | Reflections

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Today marks 10 years to the day of when I started sending out a Friday email, today known as Fifteen on Friday.   As the saying goes, ‘good artists copy; great artists steal’ there was nothing unique to the idea of starting a link round-up.  My former business partner and friend, Dave H. had been doing so for years.  An early co-worker and mentor in sales, John F (and big supporter of FoF) had similarly raved about a casual Friday afternoon research product from a former capital markets firm.  

For me, the task was how to create something that was enjoyable to produce and hopefully pleasant enough for you to read.  I’ve always loved general interest publications, be it Vanity Fair or the great weekend newspapers from the FT, WSJ, UK Times, and NYTimes.  What I try to do is curate a list of content that is both thought provoking and entertaining, while uncovering something about how the world works or ways to live life a little better.  A broad task, no doubt, that periodically I feel like I’m able to ‘stick the landing on.’

And here we are 10 years later.  A recent data analysis suggested that only about 1/3rd of podcasts make it past ten episodes.  Same is true for bloggers.  Bottom line, persistence in creation is tough.  That’s not to self laud, rather, I’m grateful for the formative work in my own life that has occurred from the weekly discipline of showing up and sending this out.

More than that, I’m grateful to you, the reader.  About 60% of you open and read the email each week – fantastic.  You share articles, push me to find new ideas/sources, and tell your friends.   In a distracted world, you give me the great gift of your time and attention.




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