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1/28/2022 – Issue 456

Jan 28, 2022 | Fifteen on Friday

This week’s highlights:  Intimacy, Day Trading, and How to Write

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Issue 456

Happy Friday!



Food for Tood for Thought

Business and Markets

  • BE – Tech questions for 2022. Sometimes the centre of gravity in tech is very clear, but as we enter 2022 there are lots of areas where trillion dollar questions are wide open. 
  • JR – Day Trading and Capital Gains Taxes. Day traders in 2021 who kept rolling their gains and not accruing for s-t capital gains taxes are going to be in for a world of hurt come April given the rout in tech names
  • NIA – JAB and the Family Office Conundrum. You want your wealth to be managed by talented employees you can trust. But talented investors are typically ambitious and they seek both challenging work and a way to become wealthy themselves. And they are keenly aware of the risk of being at the mercy of a single client. This is the family office conundrum which spawns a quiet maneuvering for power and control.
  • LN – Lessons from 140+ angel investments
  • SSRN – A Sober Look at SPACs. We find that costs embedded in the SPAC structure are subtle, opaque, higher than has been previously recognized, and higher than the cost of an IPO. Although SPACs raise $10.00 per share from investors in their IPOs, by the time a SPAC merges with a private company to take it public, the SPAC holds far less in net cash per share to contribute to the combined company.

Science, Technology, and Culture

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The book is about how we shift from focusing on the things we want to avoid, to the things we want to accomplish with our wealth.  Doing so requires a person to articulate 3 key items –  Wealth Structure, Wealth Identity and ultimately a Wealth Strategy.  The book walks through each of these items in great depth, and guides the reader through a process to develop each.

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