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05/12/2023 – Issue 499

May 12, 2023 | Fifteen on Friday

This week’s highlights: Meet Liz, TV Streaming, and Fake Handbags

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Happy Friday

A word of welcome to a bunch of new subscribers, and a special thanks to long-time subscriber Aman B for the kind endorsement on the socials.  For those who are new, just a bit of orientation.  

Fifteen on Friday (FoF) is a generalist curation of articles across a wide range of subject matters.  The feedback I consistently hear from readers is that no one will read every article, but that they consistently find 2 – 3 that they hadn’t seen before.  We all have our favorites who go deep on a single subject – this is the wide piece to keep you well rounded.  You don’t skip leg day at the gym, same thought here.  The common thread across the articles is a good faith effort to understand and live thoughtfully in this rapidly changing world.  

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Topic of the Week

  • NYT – Liz Holmes Wants You to Forget About Elizabeth. This one is fantastic – “The black turtlenecks are gone. So is the voice. As the convicted Theranos founder awaits prison, she has adopted a new persona: devoted mother.”
  • Curbed – Spiraling in San Francisco’s Doom LoopWhat it’s like to live in a city that no longer believes its problems can be fixed.
  • NYT – Ted Lasso, Holy Fool. Ted Lasso is another kind of religious archetype: a modern-day holy fool.  The holy fool, or yurodivy (also spelled iurodivyi), is a well-known, though controversial, character in Russian Orthodox spirituality.
  • C&S – We Interviewed Deepfake Tom CruiseMiles Fisher aka DeepTomCruise has amassed a following on TikTok of 5.2 million people using ai to deepfake as the actor. Along the way he’s built a company Metaphysics that’s ushering in the future of storytelling and another company, Bixby coffee, responsible for Emma Chamberlain’s coffee company. 
  • IFS – Homeschooling Boys. Is part of the problem faced by boys not precisely maturity, but rather the inability of most schools to accommodate little boys’ need to run, skip, and climb? 

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