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The Week’s Best Articles – 03/31/17

Mar 31, 2017 | Fifteen on Friday

Fifteen on Friday distills down the 15 best reads of the week.  This week’s highlights: Crowdfunding charity, Groundhog day, and how the Amazon buy now button works.

Food for Thought:

  1. NewYorker – The Heroism of Incremental Care. Atul Gawande’s latest piece again looks with fresh eyes at the current state of affairs in healthcare.  “We devote vast resources to intensive, one-off procedures, while starving the kind of steady, intimate care that often helps people more.”
  2. BecMin – 7 Pieces of Financial Advice That Forever Changed My Life
  3. FastCo – How Will The Rise Of Crowdfunding Reshape How We Give To Charity?  Giving is easier than ever, but what does it mean when our giving is directed toward the most viral story?
  4. Tennessean – Why The Nations neighborhood is now a symbol of Nashville’s rapid growth
  5. Vulture – When Every Day Is‘Groundhog Day’ Danny Rubin wrote the beloved movie and, 24 years later, the musical. In between, he lived it.


  1. GMO – Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast
  2. WSJ – The High-Speed Trading Behind Your Amazon Purchase – Credit SB – Beneath the placid surface of product pages lies an unseen world of bots, algorithms, flash crashes and fierce competition.
  3. Economist – America’s shale firms don’t give a frack about financial returns.  Exploration and production companies are poised to go on another investment spree.
  4. WFAM – Millennials: A financial mindset shaped by recession
  5. Forbes – How Cliff Asness Became A Billionaire By Building A Kind Of Vanguard Of Hedge Funds


  1. HBR – Why Being a Middle Manager Is So Exhausting
  2. Economist- Liquid Gold – Companies are racing to add value to water.  Sales of bottled water overtook those of soft drinks in America last year.
  3. Greylock – Five Lessons from Scaling Pinterest
  4. WWD – The Eight Brands Amazon Wants to Build Its Own Fashion Empire On.  The web giant’s private-label push is emphasizing basics, but it’s still not clear just where Amazon is headed.
  5. Glossy – ‘Startup brands shouldn’t raise a bunch of money’


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