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02/03/2023 – Issue 493

Feb 3, 2023 | Fifteen on Friday

This week’s highlights:  Spending Money, Basketball, and Induction Stoves

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Original Content this week:

  • FCS – Family Governance Must Focus on Whole Family – Not Just the Client – Family office / business has moved from a cottage industry to one increasingly institutionalized and mature.  Part and parcel of that maturation is the ‘productization’ of many tools and practices that have been developed over the past 30 years or so, such as family governance.  

    However, so called ‘legacy services’ are too often sold entirely to first generation wealth creators – as a cognitive salve to assuage the mortality concerns of late middle age.  The family itself is left by the wayside.  The end result – family governance formed by fiat.  This is of course not actually governance (consent of the governed and all that) and can leave the family worse off.  



Topic of the Week

Other Great Reads

Looking Toward the Future…

  • Grid – Induction stoves: The technology, the politics and why much of the world is on boardLots of Sturm und Drang in the press about gas stoves being banned.  Instead of focusing on the negative, it’s important to check out the positives of induction technology.  In 2010, I attended the largest trade show for the National Restaurant Association and saw induction technology on display.  Professional chefs love the tech b/c it allows for greater precision and faster cooking – imagine boiling water for pasta in half the time!  
  • Youtube – Brits try Chick-fil-A for the first time!  This is great to watch as they quickly realize the magic contained in that foil lined pouch.

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Growing financial wealth is a natural occurrence on the path to success. While this should make life easier, that is not always the case. With greater wealth, comes great opportunity and an overwhelming number of choices to make.

When Anything is Possible is the guidebook about how to engage strategically with wealth. It will help you change your wealth from something overwhelming and all-consuming towards a resource to be deployed to help you positively impact the things that you value most.

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